archons & telesti by john lash

john lash’ site about archons :

Notes taken while listening :
magian order, northern iran spread east till India and west till Scotland
pagan mysteries, open source spirituality, no hierarchy, shamanism, altered states, educators
every single human being has a divine germ of intelligence, a capacity that is infinitely developable
hebrew jewish culture, the palestinian fraternal redeemer complex, intolerant and supremacist, salvationism, later christianity and islam,
christianity brought the gnostic movement down and its vast network of mystery schools, physically eradicated

the palestinian fraternal redeemer complex :
1 – the belief in a male creator god who creates the god independent of any female counterpart
2 – a chosen people who are selected by the father god to represent and to live by his laws and views
3 – the messiah or savior who is sent by the father god to instruct the world and assist his chosen people
4 – the day of judgment or apocalypse, the world is judged because it does not live up to the rules that have been dictated by the god, it doesn’t recognize the power and message of the messiah, the sinners are separated by the saints, those who didn’t follow go to damnation, the faithful are taken to some paradise

the gnostics or Telesti pointed at the insanity of that belief system


R.D. Laing said the ultimate destruction that can be done to a human being is to destroy its capacity to have its own experience and patriarchal monotheism has done this using religion as a pretext

He said you can actually destroy a person’s capacity to have their own experience

The end of jewmanity :

The Archon satanic narrative (playlist) :

fuller playlist :

“gnostics” : children of the knowledge of the heart

~ by quintal on 4 February, 2014.

4 Responses to “archons & telesti by john lash”

  1. Greetings quintaldo, it has been awhile…! So, we finally found the loosh-eaters; are we cattle for fourth-density’ beings?

  2. Hah yeah we might very well be. It’s consistent with observation anyway. We have a native civilization that is in harmony with Nature (the tribal shamanistic society we destroy everywhere we meet, but still have found everywhere on Earth) but we’re parasitized by something that drives us to destroying ourselves (our DNA and our biome). So yeah. Very consistent with observation.
    At this level of analysis, pointing fingers at one community (the Jews) seems delusional to me. They look way more like a scapegoat, like some type of fuse : “Oh you’re onto us? There, target the Jews. So we remain in power.”

    • Good point…! You may be interested in check Marshall Vian Summers’ books, who also agrees with Laura Knight, John Baines, Salvador Freixedo, Thomas Minderle and Carlos Castaneda (and don’t forget ours Roberto Torres).

      The parasitical fourth density’s beings seems to be very busy at this time, trying to stop the unpostponable.

      • Interesting, I only know of laura knight in all the names you gave, I’ll check them out sometime. Thanks. And Castaneda also of course, David Icke dug up the quotes relevant to the parasitizing, they’re fascinating.

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