scrawny2brawny again

je resposte scrawny car c’est un artiste magnifiquement inspiré

sa playlist de bestof :

mon précédent post sur lui et ses vidéos :

the remarkable rewriting of the gospel that begins the above video is restarted and continued in the end of the video below, from 11:15 onward :

surprisingly, no transcription is referenced by google

Every great story begins with a voice giving shape to darkness : a storyteller speaking characters into existence. And it’s good. In fact, it’s perfect.

Enter the villain : one who wishes to change the story, to bring death to mankind, to unmake the storyteller’s good world.

//Our// inciting incident where everything goes wrong.

The villain tells the characters they can create their own story, and they believe the lie. Death is sentenced, and the characters are enslaved. The villain is triumphant.

But all is not lost : the storyteller is not idle, he has a plan. But it will take time, and sacrifice.

The people face extinction yet they are not swept away. They face death but a substitute is given. They face captivity and the storyteller provides their escape. Yet they remain chained by the villain.

But a promise is made. A serpent is lifted high on a staff and brings healing. An unlikely king frees his people. From an ocean tomb comes a message of life, hints of a great rescuer, and then… nothing.

The story goes quiet. The people fear the storyteller has forgotten his promise.

The rescue begins. The storyteller enters the story. He heals the sick, brings hope to the captive, he loves the unlovable.

The villain plots his vengeance. He strikes and the hero’s life is given for his people, his promise fulfilled.

The substitute is sacrificed. The people are again free and the hero emerges from his tomb.

He gathers his people and sends them out as storytellers. More believe, their numbers grow.

One story told over thousands of years. My story, your story, his story.

~ by quintal on 28 December, 2013.

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