eh oui, capdevielle a fait un opéra sur l’atlantide, fallait oser !
il y a quelques années déjà…

trippy, mais je me passerais bien de la boite à rythme

~ by quintal on 3 December, 2013.

2 Responses to “atylantos”

  1. Quintal this is the famous hit in France “Quand t’es dans le désert”

    Hello Quintal,
    thank you four you compliment

    otherwise,is it possible to “start out ” a music thread?


    author:Depeche Mode

    The pOlice

    • Yeah the capdevielle video is linked to his name in the article.
      Your videos didnt display because you typed something after the youtube string
      just paste the youtube link then press Enter and it should display
      i’m deleting your following comment which was a repeat of the depeche mode video
      so far i’m only liking the police one because Sting is impressively fit for his age and he’s an intriguing guy, into occult satanic shit in my opinion

      the little faggots of depeche mode can go to hell as far as i’m concerned : although they produced some somewhat good music they were agents of degeneracy, as the following decades have proven and unraveled

      i guess you didnt get that from my blog but it’s because we’re under heavy censorship here
      my mainpage links could have given you clues though
      safe travels, as i guess you’re leaving
      thanks for your visit though, it was very renewing
      you’re very much welcome to stay, but i guess you’d need some hardcore redpilling to stand what i’ve written above
      you could try pol while it’s still up and somewhat freespoken

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