‘Casualty catastrophe’ – Cell phones & child brains

~ by quintal on 30 October, 2013.

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  1. Dear quintaldo

    i am french and i am glad to read your blog. I wrote to you 7years ago in a different google usegroup.

    a) is it possible to translate into french or to write french subtitiles under the video?My english is poor but i try to improve it…

    b) Jean Claude Carton has a new website “radio étoiles du coeur”

    c) otherwise do you always like “radio ici et maintenant”(Paris)?

    I hope you will have time to answer to my questions

    see you soon and good luck

  2. Hello friend, I don’t remember you. Thanks for appreciating my little blog though.

    a) No. Of course it’s “possible”, but it’s a shitload of work to edit subtitles into a video. While I could provide translations and transcripts, this site is intended for people who either read both languages or just read what they can and are happy with it. Sometimes though, I have provided translations and transcripts because I felt like informing both communities. One thing you can do as a french reader is looking up the english sources that interest you and try to find french translations or subtitles on your own.

    b) that’s very interesting, thank you very much. I sometimes think about Jean-Clause with nostalgia, regretting that he apparently quit doing radio and wondering if he’s still doing it somewhere i dont know of. You’re telling me he has his own radio now? That’s great news. The guy is certainly a great radio host.
    haha pretty cool.

    c) yeah of course I do. That radio has been one of the three triggers to my spiritual awakening 25+ years ago, you just don’t forget nor ignore such a legacy.

    Thank you for messaging me and don’t hesitate being a little more specific about our previous encounter so I can remember it more easily.

    • 1)hi! thank you very much fot your answer. i “met” you in francom.esoterisme
      a usenet googlegroup.
      Are you fron Quebec? I am from France;

      2)Otherwise there are many more videos which are on the site of “RIM” concerning ayahusaca,les plantes communicantes and others;and specially the “énergies positives” (on their website), or “les guérisseurs, la foi, la science”(Philippines where the “surgeons” operate with their own hands, through tne energy of the archange Saint-Michel

      3)JCC (“étoiles du coeur ” ‘s videos are very good for example “the islam’s prophecies,” spiritism, NDE and others.
      From now i will try to translate by myself for myself some articles of your blog.
      it will be a good exercise for me.
      See you soon;

  3. do you authorize me to post some videos? If you disagree you can “cut” them
    this is “lesguérisseurs, la foi la science”
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM3EdfL1lKw (1H45)

    +guérisseurs Philippins (45 minutes) psychic surgery

  4. Thank you. This is a documentary linked to the economic crisis.
    four horsemen it will change your economical and political view entirely.
    in just 90 minutes you will find out that the social construct and our lives are built on the most greedy people on the planet (there are french subtitles

    • Looks pretty mainstream to me.
      I’ll give it a chance past its disappointing intro for your sake.
      Aha, he’s starting with “the fate of empires”, interesting.
      Even so, the form (the neat editing, the expensive producing, the known narrator’s voice, the choice of mainstream guests as well) shows me this is mainstream stuff, i.e. diluted, hiding more than it reveals, tailored to lull the people into ignorance while posturing as revealing knowledge. You just cant get the funding necessary to make such a production nor get such a mainstream support and backing if you aren’t serving the powers that be.
      Lol Chomsky now… haha that’s major red flag and marker, he’s another gatekeeper. Even John Perkins is clearly compromised, talking about “sustainable development” as he does.
      Yeah, thanks but no. This will not change nor reveal much to me except that the mainstream bullshit broadcasting is progressing beyond what i thought.
      Before you ask, it isnt what it says that’s the issue, it’s what it doesnt say… as is key to mainstream media overall.

      Bon allez, je m’arrète à 21:42. Juste du redigéré, comme sur cette image :
      eat this

      This documentary has probably been aired on some national tv channels like the BBC or Arte.


      fake renegades.

      Dude, I know it takes time to shed layer after layer of programming but you started off by saying you loved my site then you come claiming that this video would open my eyes, so you asked for this : go through this blog’s tags cloud, there’s a fat chance you’ll find eye opening material addressing the same topics as this video. Also feel free to tell me what your handle was on francom, as you know mine it’s only fair you tell me yours. Try the ‘banking’ tag for instance.
      Oh wow my tags pannel is down, nice to know. I’m restoring it.

      I’m sorry, how did you believe “it would change my economical and political view entirely” ? What have you read and watched on my blog ? I’m amazed. Overall this video might be a good starting point for learning about what isnt usually told, yet it’s still very much inside the mainstream shitcircle; just look at it again with the clues i gave you.

      With all that said it’s still a pretty watchable video so I’m glad you posted it, I’m watching it and I’m encouraging you to post more.

  5. Ok.
    I will try to psot better videos. At now it seems that google enables me to translate your site.
    It will be more interesteing for me to understand your articles

  6. “water” including part of masaru emoto’s research(and Beneveniste concerning the memory of water)

    1) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xuoa3h_le-pouvoir-secret-de-l-eau_webcam

    2) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4s6yk_messages-de-l-eau-a-voir-absolument_tech

  7. Oh! it seems that there is a technical problem concernnig the 2 first videos(copier:coller)

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