UFO : Billy Meier, Alex Collier. NDE : Howard Storm

A staunch warning to critics on Billy Meier’s group’s website :

Uninformed critics and untrustworthy people who feel Billy’s contacts and mission are impossible, discredit and accuse him of being a charlatan or worse, and try to ridicule him. However, generally speaking, they are ill informed on the issues and contexts and, therefore, are in no position to pass any realistic and competent judgement on the mission, the contacts, or Billy’s person. In order to do so in a factual and realistic manner, one has to deal with these matters for many years in a serious, intensive, and honest way to get to know the pertinent and multifaceted information, to study intensely the facts, and to get to know Billy.

In other words, if you’re not part of our cult you have no grounds to judge us.
Sorry, just my uninformed, unqualified opinion ;-)

Alex Collier interviews :

I like this guy. No evidence of course (I know you skeptics), but who cares ? He’s not selling anything (as far as I can see from these videos), he’s not blaming anyone but all of Humankind including himself, he’s admitting his weaknesses and failures and his message is pretty much clean spiritually and morally. All in all, UFO contactees and NDE experiencers are the prophets of our age.

Good idea, here’s a NDE dude : Howard Storm.

Now he is selling Christianity but who in their right mind would blame him ? His experience is so overwhelming and he is such a sweetheart.
Note to newbie users : clicking on the youtube logo on the bottom right of the videos will open the video in its original youtube page. From there you can find the next installments of the video series as well as other related videos.

~ by quintal on 6 January, 2012.

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  1. haha! :)) thank you quintal.do

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