tribute to Art Bell

I’ve been listening to archived Art Bell shows recently – they’re great on a phone. I used to despise and resent Art in the early 2000s when I was all riled up with ”real researchers” and whatnot. What a discovery it’s been to listen to him again. I feel much tenderness for him now, as well as gratitude and admiration. Sure, he’s not William Cooper. Right, he might even be a evil sellout and a failed questionable patriot. Who cares ? Have you seen the current scenery ? Cooper’s been Dead since 2001, Jones gets all the big shot guests, Beck, Ventura et al sell conspi shows to mainstream TV channels. Oh my God ! The nightmare ! :-)
In this wasteland, Art’s old shows are a balm, a golden bough (unvoluntary reference to masonry).

There you go :
coastgab : this stream has been terminated.
Plenty of web stations exist now (2012-2013), they’re easy to search for on Android radio apps.

September 2011 update :

William Cooper’s assessment of Art Bell :
It’s such a brilliant piece that I feel compelled to copypaste it in a new post here, for saving purposes.

Listening to these archived shows all day, I’m amazed at how they feel alive compared to my favorite live radios. These’re friggin’ dead, man !
Art Bell is an admitted shill for the new world order but hey, nobody’s perfect.
He’s incredible. God willing I’ll be listening to his shows decades from now.

peer-to-peer links to torrents of archives of art bell shows :

bonus : open mind with bill jenkins, an 80’s art bell-like show :

~ by quintal on 25 April, 2011.

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