the three stooges go to washington

” Among the many lies we are taught in school is “Anyone can become president.” On the surface, that may seem true: Bill Clinton was the bastard son of a prostitute from Little Rock, Arkansas and; GW Bush is a phenomenally inarticulate man with no skills or personal accomplishments to his credit. However, when we look past the phony public personas and media cover stories, we find that, without exception, those who find their way to the pinnacles of political power in America are not who they are pretended to be.

Out of the starting gate for the primary round of Election 2008 was a large field of Democrats and Republicans vying for their party’s nomination for president. Quickly, the field narrowed to two Democrats and two Republicans. Only Ron Paul’s genealogy, history, words and deeds add up to the man named Ron Paul running for president of the United States. The other three, when you look past the veneer, are not just regular folks whose exemplary careers in public service have qualified them to be elected our nation’s 44th president. We actually find that we don’t know what they are.(…) “,_Part_1.html

~ by quintal on 1 May, 2010.

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