bardon’s on the web

his second book at least :

“Magic is the highest science existing on our planet, for it teaches the metaphysical as well as the metapsychic laws valid in all the planes. This science has been called magic since human records began but it has so far been reserved to special circles, mainly comprising high-priests and high potentates. They alone knew the truth but kept it a secret. They not only were fully acquainted with the synthesis of their own but of all other religions, too. The people, on the other hand, were taught about religion in symbols only. It took many centuries until scarce fragments of this science were also made known to mankind in a veiled manner, as was understandable. Because the majority of people had not undergone any magic training by law, they could only understand these fragments from their individual point of view and, in consequence, pass on their knowledge incompletely and onesided. That is the reason why magic science has, without any exaggeration, remained a secret science up to this date. The true understanding of magic laws depends on the spiritual maturity of the individual.”

it probably wont stay online long.

~ by quintal on 18 March, 2010.

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