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Originally posted by Kryties :
Yes but the countries where they come from don’t make a huge deal of declaring that they are the Worlds Best at everything and making sure the world knows it.

Originally posted by Stormdancer777 :
Are you sure?
You see many Americans going to foreign countries, and ?
What exactly do they say?
Hi I am an American, you suck ? :lol:

quintal :
You dont have to meet americans in person to observe that this is a very common behavior among them.
Just frequent social spaces on the net… it happens everytime a bunch of americans are around. There are always some typical americans who never waste an opportunity of expressing their complete despise from any other country than their own.

The point is, there are obnoxious overly proud nationals in every country but in america, it is the norm. It is the crap you are fed with from craddle to grave. Only a minority of americans have wisen up and realized that theirs ISNT the greatest country in the world, and theirs ISNT the good giant of world’s history.

Brainwashed obnoxious children, that’s what you rightly pass for. Except a minority.

I explain it with History, the united states are a young nation that has never known war on its soil.
We europeans know that our countries are evil, because our countries have committed horrible deeds many times in the course of two millenia and we know it.

But you guys… your idea of yourselves is more like a disney cartoon than a historical documentary. You believe you only do good in the world.

And this is not only obnoxious and ridiculous, it is psychotic and evil.

When you can’t face your negative side, you are a human hazard. You walk around claiming how great you are while shitting on everyone’s face and singing halleluya.

WE know we screw around with weaker nations. You dont know you do. You can’t face that reality. It would shatter your dreamworld of “america is GOOD”.
This is more than stupid, this is insane and evil.

Stop pretending to be good, you aren’t. You are Farking nazi germany. You are the BAD cop of the world.
You are Britain’s pitbull. You are the visible center of the world’s dark empire. Not good.

Since 9/11 nearly everyone has realized that.
The show is over. Maybe it’s time for you (I’m talking here about the ignorant americans) to get a clue too.

P.S. As for healing. Yes healing is a good idea. And healing takes one thing to start with : facing the sickness. The pain. The error of one’s ways. Good luck because as a whole you seem uncannily unaccustomed to doing it.

Originally posted by soul of integrity

america’s not sick.

america’s terminal.

300 million souls in a capsized boat.

me, i’m hanging on for the ride, and enjoying a front row seat.

at least dont be part of a human rosy-cross like the actors in Titanic ;-)
(she was holding her arms out while he was holding the rose on her chest)
these movies are evil.

The whole world may capsize if the USA do, but many will cheer anyway if they do because they’ve pissed them off for too long.

I believe this and other discussions on the same topic are a chance we are giving to the ignorant americans : get a clue, fess up, man up because you dont have much time left to do it. Loose the macho john wayne “we are the best” crap, you’re really out of time now.

You’re nearly exploding and you’ll only have the inner strength and the outside help not to burst completely belly up if you STOP acting like the self-satisfied morons you have acted like for so long.

NO you arent the best. No the others arent inferior. No they arent “backward” (sic) (it is spelt “backwards” sir, in YOUR native language which isnt mine.)

No your ways arent the best ways. No the mission of america isnt about parading yelling how you are better than everyone else.

You took your mission in the most childish ignorant immature way, like 2 year old kids proud that their daddy has a big car.
Alright, your dad has a big car, but the car was supposed to help everybody, to be of SERVICE, not to stomp on everyone’s face.

America was the only country to have a constitution that guarantees that its citizens are kings in their own right, on their own land. That’s what it’s about. Not lording it over the people of the world, not parading around shitting on everybody else barking that you’re the best.

Any gift you have, you have it in order to SERVE others, not to serve yourself. That’s maturity.

You have been given more than others and you have used this opportunity to require less of yourselves than the rest of the world require of themselves.

“spoiled brat” is perfectly fitting.

Pain, discomfort, fear are doing you much good. Finally some of you are getting a clue and trying to warn the rest. The current crisis is a blessing. You blew it after 9/11, it was a great opportunity that you turned into fear, war and dictatorship.

Now comes the mother of all economic depressions. Show us what you got. We wanna see the real cowboys now.

Guess what, the people you despise and call “backwards” know how to live off the land with little money or tech. They know how to heal, feed and so on with self made means. Some even know how to respect nature around them. That’s how they survived for at least FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS (the aborigenes).

Who’s your daddy now?

Originally posted by NightSkyeB4Dawn

Just look over the few post that are here is this thread. The hatred from some is almost palpable and this is just a pixel in the whole picture.

With this kind of hatred do you really think we stand a chance?

I dont know if you’re refering to my posts when mentionning hatred, but you couldnt be more wrong.
When you slap the face of a friend who is acting drunk, it isn’t out of hate.
I believe most people in the world today who are annoyed at America would love the big brother to behave well again. It’s just like family. You may be shouting at your sibling but deep down what you want is him/her to be useful and productive again.

When France told you not to go to Iraq you lashed out a hate propaganda campaign instead of seeing it was out of friendship that they disapproved you.

You have decimated (killed 10% of) the Iraqi people (if we add the UN blockade to the post-911 invasion) and when some europeans are outraged you cry “hatred”.

Stop killing, dude.
Then we’ll talk.

Be angry at the French for having decimated the people of Rwanda (literally, 10% killed) in 3 months in 1994. At least they arent parading the world over claiming to be the do-gooders of the world, or are they? Nobody’s taking them seriously anyway (not even the French themselves), and their guns are far from being as scary as yours.

You do stand a chance that’s why i’m talking to you, Moe !

If you didnt i’d just have given up and wouldnt try to tell you what to do.

We are not hating, we are disappointed and alarmed.
But we still believe you can straighten up.
Provided you stop the bullshit.

Originally posted by soul of integrity

wow. i guess that was just some stuff that needed to be said by someone, and definatley heard by somebody.

like wordplay???

who’s your daddy now??


….. and he needed to make HER FAT to become a FATHER …..

just a thought, i’m here all soul long ….

Guess what I’ve been having this same tirade many times in the past years.
It didnt do much so this time I’m saving my posts from this thread to my blog.
I intend to collect this stuff from now on and see where it goes from there.

thx for the fat-her insight too. (but my wordplays were spontaneous and unvoluntary:-))

~ by quintal on 14 September, 2009.

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