When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?

I shamelessly stole this piece from Lorie Kramer’s site.

Lorie Kramer
March 15, 2009

Believe it or not, this started being about HR875 & S425, but in the writing of it, it’s just so much more.
This is about the amazing things happening in this nation,
and the inconceivable tolerance the American public has of it all.

Dear, dear, America,When is it going to be enough? Haven’t you been disrespected, marginalized, misdirected, demeaned, disregarded, ignored, insulted, bullshitted, deliberately misinformed, uninformed, manipulated, controlled, cheated, lied to, poisoned, killed…and generally just plane old screwed for long enough? I’m really starting to wonder about you. Why isn’t all that enough for you America? Yoo Hoo! Are you in there?

How does it make sense that you can be thrown into jail for an unpaid traffic ticket, perhaps for days if it’s on a weekend yet; Bernard Madoff who ruined the lives of thousands gets to hang out in luxury, being available to do whatever one does when they are trying to cover their assets before going to jail? Isn’t that enough for you, America?

You are a number. You are photographed hundreds of times everyday. They intend to track you everywhere, they pretty much already do. They already have your grocery cards, and your cars, and your phones, and your computers. They want to “chip” you, and your animals. You have no privacy. Why isn’t that enough for you, America?

You work, most of you, when you can. Those that don’t work and live off the system just don’t “get it”. Then you pay for their dead weight and their children’s. Hell, you allow yourselves to work a third of the year just to pay taxes! Do you think that’s what our founding fathers had in mind? Is that not enough for you YET, America?

You have worked hard for years, tried to save, invested for the future; only to see your future become a far less comfortable one, if it will be there for you at all. All this because of the legalized gambling known as “the stock market”. All this so that bankers and corporations and politicians can profit, from your losses. And you allow them to throw more and more of your money down the toilet. Your dollar is dying. The domino effect of the situation resulted in a global financial meltdown. Why isn’t THAT enough for you, America?

As the late great Bill Hicks said, “Entertainment is a weapon.” Your “news” is controlled and manufactured. Your comedians are the journalists. You and your children are stupefied and zombified by television. Movies, cars, sports and fashion, and Hallmark holidays; they take your attention and your resources. You are in debt up to your ears. Isn’t that enough for you, America?

Your jobs have already gone overseas or are disappearing daily. Welfare, which used to be an embarrassing thing to partake of, is a way of life for millions. Is that enough for you, America?

Your Constitution might as well not even exist. You allow the marginalizing and silencing of those who would honor it. You call them “possible terrorists”. You watch as they try to deny you your rights. You allow them to ignore our borders and the consequences.

You don’t care enough anymore whether or not the person who “leads” your nation can provide the necessary qualifications to even be considered to run for the office, let alone occupy it. That’s why “they” can slip such schmucks in on you, you make it so easy. Don’t YOU and your children have to throw down your birth certificates for all kinds of things? I thought so. It’s the law. Try and not do it and see what happens. Your current liar in chief didn’t have to do it. Why isn’t THAT enough for you, America?

Then, you are told that you have “no standing” in YOUR own courts to question whether or not these Constitutional requirements have been fulfilled. One or two of you make it part of the way only to be told you WILL NOT BE HEARD, and that’s OK with you! Why isn’t THAT enough for you America? Any of you, and I mean ANY of you has standing to ask this question because it is YOUR Constitution that is OUR LAW.

Should you decide to voice your opinion in disagreement with those in power, you are “allowed” to do so but are penned in cages, or trodden by horses, or beaten or sprayed or tazed. Why isn’t THAT enough for you America?

Your rights have been marginalized; you allow voter fraud to go unchecked. You scream for change but at the next election, you re-elect all but 8 of the 257 about which you complain. Your cities and towns are in disrepair, your infrastructure is crumbling. You devalue your teachers, and reward thieves. You let your schools flounder; therefore many of your children are ignorant (not stupid, there’s a difference). Too many of you are fat, way too many of you are on way too many drugs, legal or not. Your sweeteners cause cancer. You are diseased with mystery illnesses, cancer and HIV/AIDS; and your vaccines are dangerous. Why isn’t all of THAT enough for you, America?

Your families are in shambles. Your children are parents. Divorce is expected. Lying is expected and accepted. Sex is perverted. Morals are old-fashioned. Love is hardly a thing of real value. All this supported by your “media” and “entertainment” industry. Is that still not enough for you, America?

Your fellow Americans have raised valid questions about what actually happened on 9-11. Instead of investigating and insisting on the truth, you demonize them and act as if there could be no possibility of any foul play. There is plenty of evidence that the “official” story is not complete or accurate. You saw with your own eyes how that went down. They continue to lie to you and use the tragedy to further restrict your liberties. Why isn’t THAT enough for you, America?

You are no longer considered one of the good guys in the geopolitical scheme of things. You are hated and reviled for your foreign policy. War profiteering is more important than human life; more important than you and your children’s lives; and those of “the enemy”. Your military and government tortures. Your sons and daughters have died for greed and nation building; and now they want Iran. Why isn’t THAT enough for you, America?

Your drinking water is laced with mind numbing poison. Your cell phones are rotting your brains. You live in an electromagnetic cess pool. Is that enough for you, America?

Your atmosphere, the air you need to breathe, and the waters that you and all other living things on the planet need to live, have been poisoned, often beyond repair; to facilitate military/industrial desires. Why isn’t THAT enough for you, America?

And now, they are after your food, AGAIN. That’s what this started to be about, HR875 & S425. The HR875 bill is in committee in the House with 40, count them, 40 sponsors that will let the government control what you can and cannot do on your own land, with your own crops or livestock, or organic garden. Ixquick it. This bill was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband, Stanley Greenberg, works for Monsanto. This bears repeating. This bill was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband, Stanley Greenberg, works for Monsanto. Do you honestly think this is going to be GOOD for you? Don’t we already have the FDA and the USDA and the FSIS? Why do we need this new agency of control?

Growing one’s own food, local farms, co-ops and ranches are things that do indeed need to be protected. If this global crisis continues, and all indications are that it will; what are you going to do for food if your local growers go away because of government regulation and/or fines and penalties? Remember victory gardens, they used to be a good idea, now they are a threat? It looks to me like what we need to protect our food from is our government. If they finally go after your food, and you’d better know they are, what are you going to do about it? I’ll write more on that and watch it. But, they’ll still try and do it. When they do, which is NOW, will THAT be enough for you, America?

It’s all more than enough for me. Where the hell are you, America?

When is enough going to be enough?

Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX

[snipped email address]

“As stern as it sometimes appears to be, the truth is love and is
never anything but love.”
Vernon Howard

Lorie Kramer has updated the above article on her site :
So, You Want Some Ideas, America?

~ by quintal on 19 March, 2009.

7 Responses to “When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?”

  1. Dear dear Lorie:

    About an hour travel away from you is the former site of a 900 acre intentional community where I lived for 2 years. It was an organic monastery formed around the ideals of the hippies of the sixties. We had horses, cows, goats, and were self-sufficient. We were a non-profit organization. We did not pay taxes. We filled out some basic paperwork once a year. We made money by selling publications. We lived off the sweat of our brow, the strength of our backs, and the power of our culture. We had modern amenities, although they were modified to be green.

    It took work, effort, and dedication. We didn’t wait for the government to be perfect. We didn’t wait for “leadership” to fix anything. We fixed it ourselves, got off the grid, and made a place (a huge and beautiful place) where we could readily pursue contemplative, artistic, free lives without being subject to the whims of local, national, and international politics.

    You’re talking to and about city folk. The lazy, the unwilling, the sheep. You’re a sheep yourself, looking to a national federal institution to create a reality that reflects your own ideals. Grow up already.

    I now work in the DC corridor. I work with people from India, Pakistan, Jordan, France, England, Kenya, Israel, Ethiopia, Georgia (former soviet country, not the state in the US), Jamaica, Brazil, Russia, Guatemala, Poland. These people came to America because in spite of your rant, the freedoms here are superior to those in their own countries. In spite of your ire, this country is still the land of dreams to the majority of the people on the planet. In spite of your philosophical dispute with administration policies, these people came to America to succeed. And they are living better lives than they could anywhere else on the planet.

    The motto of our community in Texas was “Stop bitching: Start a Revolution.” The point wasn’t an overthrow of the rest of society. It was a personal revolution, an overthrow of the bondage and prison of our own minds. Nothing limits you, no law passed in congress, no photo taken at a traffic light, no outsourcing of jobs, no 6% of the planet’s population controlling 99% of the planet’s resources, NOTHING but your own inability to overcome the barriers on your own mind.

    In America, like everywhere else on the Earth, we are free to make of ourselves whatever we desire. There are ways and means to any desired goal, if you’re willing to take them. Most of them require WORK and DEDICATION. Most people are too lazy. They, like you, want Gov’t to fix everything and make it perfect for them to do as little as possible to get as much as possible. You want freedom? Freedom comes at a price. Earn it. There are places in Texas where there are no cameras, and Johnny Law is too busy drinking his beer and eating his donuts to give a shit what you do in your own time, as long as you don’t bother him. It’s a simple process, really, you just need the discipline to do the work.

    Live cheap. Work hard. Save money. Buy land. Build your life as you see fit. Live how you want. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Apology…

    In the comment above, I unfairly attacked Lorie personally. While I stand by my admonishment, let it not be aimed at her personally for writing this letter to America, which probably should be read and responded to, but let it be instead aimed at those who expect any “State” to create a world where life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is guaranteed. We only earn that on our own, and never for more than those willing to work for it.

  3. These are great comments, I hope you emailed them to Lorie Kramer herself.

  4. Hi quin,
    Yes, rufus did indeed email the comments to me, as well as the apology. I think he understands now that we have more in common in thought than he first considered, and that his “assessment” of who I am and want I “want” was in error. My email address is on everything I write so as to facilitate clear communication. You are welcome to do the same. The original was posted on MY site, I emailed the link to ONE person. I am entitled to post my feelings on my own site. I have no control over the opinions of the over 25,000 people that seem to have read it thus far, nor do I desire such. 98% of the response has been positive. The page was written in a moment of deep sadness and frustration. The facts linked to the words back up the comments. Hope is indeed lost unless positive and clear communication can take place between people. I appreciate rufus for stepping back when he realized his mistake. May you all be well.

  5. Me, leaving my email adress here? Oh no;-)
    I’ve had enough trouble on the net to be careful about that. This public blog is way enough as an open communication chanel.

    I’d advise you to at least render your email adress unfindable by bots, through displaying a picture of it instead of the actual letters for example. As it is on your page it has already become a pit of spam I guess.

    Thank you for commenting on this blog, and thank you Rufus Opus for bringing Lorie here:-))

    Don’t hesitate in telling me if you dont wan’t your piece reproduced.

  6. hey quin. Dude, I have been fighting this battle for decades. My real name and my email is out there for protection, they don’t want martyrs. google Lorie Kramer Houston and you’ll see. And no, I haven’t gotten ANY spam, but thanks for your concern. My stuff is always available for reproduction as long as the source is stated and the original is not altered. ya’ll take care.

  7. I wasn’t thinking about protection from secret services’ hitmen lol
    I have received death threats on this site, I have been told on usenet that my case was being examined by anti-racist associations. I have met my share of anonymous evildoers issuing threats to my person. Freedom of speech isn’t protected in Europe, the state falls on you if you say forbidden things to too many people.
    I’m all for sincerity and equanimity in my words (that’s the best protection thanks to the law of karma in my view), but I’m not so naive anymore to believe that giving out my real name will do anything but give an opportunity to assholes to bother me.

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