hellgate vs d3

What i find weird is how everyone’s bashing HGL and ignoring everything its devs made so right.
Maybe it’s because I was lucky enough to avoid subscribing early (I only bought the game in september) therefore I wasn’t disappointed and of course I haven’t felt betrayed by whatever the flagship representatives (that is, Bill Roper i guess) said.

Anyway I understand the game could be way better but it’s only normal considering it was launched before being ready because of financial issues. There’s so much that feels oh-so-right when discovering this game, though :

– The guns and sci-fi setting : great. Diablo with guns, it’s great because it adds many possibilities and richness to the gameplay and items.

– The 3D subjective view : of course!!! That’s what had to be done for the next diablo, and in this respect hellgate IS the next diablo or an aborted project of it, moreso than the official diablo 3 ever will be IMHO. 3D subjective view means more fear, more immersion and more action! That’s what diablo is about.

– The skills : in the beginning I thought they were too simple, not enough developped, kind of a botched job. But that’s because I hadn’t played the game in depth yet. After having experienced them I realized that they are very well made and efficient gamewise and they have solved a few issues that diablo skills had, without killing the good sides.
Notably, damage-dealing skills do scale up and down in damage following your character’s level. This allows skills to have any level requirement, so a lvl 1 character can use a lvl 30 skill if he owns a weapon that has this skill… and it won’t be unbalanced because the damage of the skill will be scaled down to his character level. That’s very, very neat, something we wish we could have had in diablo 2.

– The stats : good job as well. Same as with skills, they added neat functionalities without losing any good sides of the diablo 2 model. It’s cleverly made, it adds to the gameplay and the fun, it doesn’t detract anything.

Same picture with the mods (hellgate’s runes and jewels). Why can’t anyone appreciate the good work made?

In these days when wow-makers are ruining the diablo franchise, I would wish for more recognition of the great job (albeit unfinished) that the flagship team did.

Ok I know, they screwed up in public relations, in business management and so on. I understand that for the ones who had high hopes and were flagshipped, the hate blinds them until now. But isn’t it time, now that the game is pretty much dead, to realize it did so many things right and will be the sole spiritual successor to diablo worth mentionning?

You just wait for D3’s release. I don’t need to wait, just reading the interviews and the news about the game is enough for me to realize it can’t be a genuine diablo game.

Hellgate gives me a real feel of what D3 should have been. D3 disgusts me to no end.

Of course I would play D3 and have fun… if I can stand the disgust about it being called “diablo” and ****ting on everything the diablo games are.

~ by quintal on 27 November, 2008.

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