diablo 3 is going to suck big time

“Another part of the game that some hardcore fans missed was having a light radius follow the player’s character. Because some of the areas of past “Diablo” games were so dark, the player had a circle of light following them around to help them navigate the depths of dungeons.”
“Wilson said the team tried to make use of the light radius, but it just didn’t work with a 3D engine. “It looked really bad,” he admitted. “If you took an environment and you basically lit the whole thing up with just a flashlight, it works way better in a 2D game… we’ve really found that you needed other light sources to be able to make the game look good.” However, that doesn’t mean the beloved light radius won’t show up in “Diablo III.” “Not in all dungeons, but there might be in some,” he revealed. “I think people really remembered it in like one or two places where it was prevalent in ‘Diablo II,’ but forget that it almost didn’t exist in the other 90 percent of the game. But if we can find one dungeon where it’s really good to use it, and we can create a lot of gameplay out of it and make it look cool, then yeah, we’ll do it. And it’s not like within the team there’s a lack of desire to do that, it’s just that we don’t want to do it if it’s not going to play well or it doesn’t look good.””

This above is Lead-“Diablo 3”-Designer-Jay-Wilson speaking.

He musn’t have played diablo 1 nor 2 or else he would know that there is a light radius in a dark environment ~80% of the time in diablo games, not “in like one or two places”.
[update : about 100% for D1 and over 50% for D2]

As “Abaddon” commented (the source page went down),

“The Original Blizzard North team that created Diablo 1 & 2 are Totally Unrelated to this.
Read twice before saying “Blizzard never gave us reason to doubt”
That’s okay, It’s just that Blizzard Isn’t Blizzard anymore.
As for my entitled opinion, this is going to Suck Big Time.
If you think otherwise, let me be, do no talk to me, buy it and play it, you soulless conformist critter.”

Another post of mine about diablo : hellgate vs d3.

personal message in a bottle : turlute gholein, salut sir lemmy !

~ by quintal on 10 August, 2008.

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  1. I agree I am a major fan of Diablo 1 and 2…I grew up deep in the dungeons farming/dueling with my friends.

    Diablo 3 looks to much like world of warcraft which once Burning Crusade came out they started down hill….with WOTLK its so lame and boring its basically a Pay 2 Play version of Flyff now.

    The idiots at Blizzard should have gotten a new team instead of the idiot WoW team which should be dragged to the street and beaten for the rainbow atmosphere and WoW inspired bad guys.
    I have no problems with making the game better but you gotta stick to the basics or else you end up like GTA4 which has veered away from what made it great in my opinion.

    Fact is Diablo is not about bunnies and rainbows its about the lord of evil and your quest to beat it. Last I checked evil didn’t play in the sunshine with butterflies (I swear to god they added them)

    Lets not forget the rumors that they didn’t even bother to stick to the original story line.

    I am so sad over D3 I been wanting it for years now and now that they make it I wish they never had.

  2. hehe you crack me up.
    Don’t be sad !
    Yes they’re screwing up diablo 3, but overall what does it really mean? That noone will ever be able to make the real diablo 3. Therefore Diablo 2 is immortal. It won’t ever be beaten except by another franchise in the future. The wow-fuckers have turned diablo 2 into an immortal classic.
    All this sorry mess means that blizzard was and still is unable to make diablo 3, 8 years after the release of diablo 2. They lost their crew and they cant build it again !
    Other companies will make better Action-RPG games sooner or later and diablo 1&2 can rest peacefully in all their glory. They won’t ever be improved upon !
    Since the announcement of this crappy diablo 3, many players have come back to playing diablo 2. And D2 looks so shiny and beautiful now that we have the hardware to turn its graphic options to the max. Plus it got a spiritual glow from the death of the hope of a decent D3.
    D3 is dead, long live D2 !
    (and D1 which is better than D2 in many surprising aspects like the fear factor and the

  3. I think D3 is going to suck ass…lol
    I have wayy too many good memories and fun w/ D2,I seen the trailer 4 D3,looks more like Wow…

  4. Ah finally some guys with their senses still together. DIII sucks bigtime and as a conclusion DI&II will be immortal is a realy nice way to look at it and helps me block out the disappointment about DIII, ty for that!

  5. you’re very much welcome)
    i’ve come to this conclusion when i reinstalled D2 last fall when the hype about D3 was all over the gaming media.
    D2 looks so much better with high graphic options and it is so well made and polished, it is an immortal classic that we will still be playing 10 years from now.
    Today’s Blizzard is unable to spawn a sequel to diablo 1&2 and that’s why it took blizzard so long to even try it. The developpers of diablo have long left Blizzard. To them the glory.

    • Yall are all crack babies this game is soon to come out, with all the new info they are releasing on a day to day bases. Every real diablo fans that have played for many years now cant wait. Blizzard is kicking ass point blank get off there nuts

  6. you kids are all niggers this game is going to be awesome, you’re just all emo cause you can’t run around with a perfect griefz gayass runeword to slay everyone with

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    • i believe you are to dumb to understand. people dont like what they see about diablo 3 is because of the game play, the feel of the game. the potion belt, they way you use your skillz, so on and so on. i love how you pretend that you should have any say in this because you obviously sucked at diablo 1 and 2 and you want a (WOW cookie cutter). If i wanted to play WOW i would, insted of them taking diablo and turning it into WOW clone.

  7. lol
    thank you for your comment

  8. Zohaib wherever you are, I feel sorry for you. May your rotten brain Rest In Peace.
    I find the arguments on this page really shallow, since only a tiny part of the game has been revealed so far, since the Diablo Team is pretty much independant from the WoW guys, since some of the old Diablo team is still there, and since the rest of the old team who left Blizzard have completely failed in their attempts at making a new game (flagship). Most of them by the way have shown deep respect towards the current team and their work on Diablo 3 so far.
    Diablo 2 is an awesome game, still it is flawed in so many ways and Blizzard is putting hard work into making a better game. As for the atmosphere lacking the original diablo feeling, they said that nothing much has been unveiled until now, and the last videos seem to prove them right.

  9. @Tyr

    Your not speaking truth…the original Diablo team is on Guild Wars no ORIGINAL D1/D2 designers are on this game and over 2/3 of the current staff worked on BOTH WoW and Burning Crusade expansion.

    Also I would hardly call Guild Wars a total failure it made its share of cash and new xpacs have been coming out for it. I hear another is on the way.

    We can only hope Blizzard makes the right call and listens to the fans of the game. I so far see a very disappointing game. They also locked the offical forums since 90% were complaints. This shows were the gaming population stands.

  10. You are gay.

  11. hehe thx Tyr, I didn’t know all these details.
    and they locked the forums, eh?
    hehehe other game companies have done that, for disastrous results.
    thank you for replying better than I would have:)

  12. Look at the facts, there is not going to be a attribute point or a skill point distribution system. Character builds are a thing of the past. No more awesome skill synergy trees. No more awesome item sets that work for one build but not another. This game is going to most probably be one in which everyone is just a clone of someone else. I hope that they atleast have thousands of super rare items to try and make yourself look unique…

  13. Also, in a interview at blizzcon with G4 one of the staff of the D3 team said that they realized that D2 “was hard to pick up for casual gamers.” and that now “if you want to melee as a wizard you can.” They are dumbing down D3 for button smashing noobs. I am a hardcore gamer and I liked the amount of effort you had to put into D2 to become the best. -.-

    • hehe of course they are dumbing it down, they are WoWing it down !
      these are the guys who are responsible for the wow super-dumbness !
      they dont know any better.
      they made billions selling their shitgame to 11 million subscribers, why on earth would they doubt their game-developers skills?
      D2 fans should wake up…
      I’m sure D3 will be “fun” and well made, but I guess it will be empty as hell (just like wow, or worse).
      Here comes the time of carebear-hell… fluffy, cute, inhumanely easy, senseless, skill-less, depthless.
      Games for retards.

  14. i think diablo 3 sucks becuse the colors are to light and looks like wow.And the monester that they made looks so undagerous. a diablo game should feture dark halls and lots of skeleton. they should make a diablo 2 world builder so we that hate diablo 3 can contiune with the storie

  15. yeah:) an editor would be fun, with modding tools.
    but it’s not in blizzard’s philosophy.

    BTW they hardly deserve the blizzard name in my view, they’re wow-blizz not diablo-blizz.

  16. btw jay wilson said that its prevalent in 1 or 2 spots not only in 1 or 2 places and second wats wrong with wow? its one of the most selling games ever

    • yeah everyone, it sold a lot. you guys should like it cause that… for one thats a lame ass way to go about anything. and second “whats wrong with wow?”. Diablo isn’t WOW dumb fucker, thats whats wrong.

  17. Give them a chance for god’s sake. The world designer is one of the guys behind Fallout and the Lead Designer is one the people behind Company of Heroes. Doesn’t sound like the type of designers who are afraid of making a dark and gritty game.

  18. I want to give Diablo III a chance, I really do, but I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed. The artistic direction is awful… Adding a little color into the Diablo world would be great but we don’t need rainbows, smiling statues and over-sized moss covered trees with butterflies and pastel flowers.

    Diablo is all about a war against Satan, it’s gorey and gritty and supposed to be drab and dark. You’re supposed to wander through dark labyrinths with only the occasional pool of candle light and everything beyond your light radius obscured in shadows.

    Diablo I and II had pits of dismembered bodies, blood splattered across dungeon floors, crucified corpses littering the landscape, rivers of fire with giant acid spitting beetles and hideous demons rushing at you from around dark corners. Does anyone remember King Leoric’s son from D1? The disemboweled kid lying atop an altar deep in a dungeon? That’s the world of Diablo… Brutal, depressing and horrific. You ARE fighting demon hell-spawn for god’s sake! It’s not some colorful, kid friendly game and that’s what we all love about it.

    After all these years of waiting for Diablo III, I can’t help but be disappointed that this is the best they could do and it is a big deal to those of us who have been fans of the games since the beginning. I’m still going to try D3 and hope the game play is enough, but I’m not optimistic.

  19. I’m playing hellgate london, i’ve been offline for 3 weeks and that’s all I had to play besides the sims, fallout and such.
    Hellgate is the real successor to diablo 2 , it is failed alright but it bears the same strong orientation towards the occult.
    That’s what the Diablo culture is about : satanism. When diablo was released it was the most occult game ever released in the mainstream.
    I’m not a fan of satanism by the way but i’m a student of it from the outside, from an anti-satanist perspective.
    Hellgate implemented many gameplay features that are improvements on the diablo games. Granted it failed because it did have many flaws, but the devs tried on the right direction, they were on the right track. They are the makers of diablo and it showed.
    On the other hand, the makers of diablo 3 are the makers of WoW and it shows. They are not the makers of diablo and it screams.
    And guess what, Diablo and WoW are not compatible.

    Take a major dev choice for diablo 3 : keeping the isometric view. Major failure. The right move is what the hellgate devs did : going full subjective vision and even FPS (first person shooter).

    Diablo opened new ground, it created the action-rpg genre.
    Hellgate tried in the FPS-RPG direction and that’s the right way to do it.

    The graphics issue with diablo 3 (that it looks like a carebears cartoon more than like diablo) is a symptom of a larger disease, it is a blatant piece of evidence that something is terribly amiss with the making of diablo 3.

    I’m sure it will be a fun game… for the customer base of WoW.

    To the one who said “what do you have against wow? it is a major seller” I might reply with any piece of major-selling game or art that sucks.

    12 million cutomers arent evidence the game is good, just that it suckered 12 million people into subscribing and managed to keep them subscribed.
    It is evidence that it is addictive, nothing more.

    What I and others lament about WoW is that since WoW was a success no decent MMORPGs have emerged.
    WoW has litterally eaten the market up to the point that its challengers imitate it, turning the whole MMO market into a huge pile of wow-shit.

    And now that wow-shit is spreading to diablo.
    Call me concerned.

    But dont worry. True diablo fans recognize this steaming pile for what it is, and rejoice that the Blizzard WoW-makers are turning Diablo TWO into an immortal classic.

    As long as we had hope there could be a dignified Diablo 3, Diablo 2 was considered perfectible. Now we know it isn’t.
    They made D2 complete.

    Clue to WoW lovers : a good game is hard and demanding. You can hardly know because these games arent made anymore. Now is the time of the “casual gamers” market. Leave us old gamers lament about the times you dont have a clue about. Or try playing Donkey Kong. Watch A Fistful of Quarters to have an idea about what gaming used to be.

  20. quintaldo… you took the words right out of my mouth. From one gamer to the next…
    Almost made me cry.
    Real gaming is dying for this casual gamers market. My favorite games are now old 2d masterpeices that challenge the mind and your patience. People want convenience these days. Instant coffee instant food instant success!! Well guess what jerks, the real world doesn’t work that way. I am an accomplished pianist and you know what people say to me after I get done playing Rachmoninoff or Beethoven? They want lessons! They think they can do it but it’s 1/100 people who can. They want it all easy, just like these crap games…
    Just make progress and you’ll win eventually. The inner game mechanics are holding your hand along the way.
    Do you know how many Single player Diablo builds I legitamatly made before I ever got close to beating the game on Hell mode? For both d1 and d2? IT WAS HARD.

    Face it hard-core gamers. Our era is dying and the machine served generation is rising up.
    Diablo 3 will suck on many levels but will not fail delivering you addictive gameplay while holding your hand to the end. It’s called corruption, REAL corruption it’s why people get addicted to drugs. It’s an unearned HIGH. The drug does all the work and they just want more of it.

    I think I’ll end my rant here…

  21. you’re sooo right
    i’m playing borderlands right now and although enjoyable (for a little while) i cant help but notice how it is easy and CHEAP.
    It is CHEAP entertainement opposed to what used to be real good fun (and Wonder !!! the wonder !!!) that old games had in store.

    but then very old games had souls !!
    they were made by one or two guys only and these guys used to put their heart and soul into their games.

    but you’re right it’s a whole generational thing, young people now cant stand still two minutes (I mean.. 15 seconds) , they cant face any difficulty even for fun, they have to have constant results and rewards.

    I even meet good players in MMORPGS (better players than me) and when i tell them that these games used to be WAY harder than they are now they are surprised and have no clue although they are in their twenties.

    And how could they know? These old games have been dumbed down themselves to cater to the new customer base and compete with the newer dumber games !

    Man, DIABLO 2 is an immortal classic, a monument to what gaming used to be. It is still enduring like a statue of gold.

    You’re right, D3 will be fast cheap full of rewards and… awfuly empty like WoW : leaving you with a nauseating feeling of emptiness in the stomach after 1 or 2 hours of playing.

  22. “duh, what do you have against WoW, it’s obviously a great game as it has 11 million subscribers!”
    yeah, and toothpaste and vaccines are good for you.

    One game comes to mind when mentionning wonder : a faery tale adventure.

    BTW, I jumped into buying Aion. I’ll see if it keeps me interested more than a few weeks.

    A Fistful of Quarters is easy to get on eMule (on the KAD network).

    Update : no it didnt last : Aion does suck after a little while. Silkroad (free to play mmo) is still better than Aion:)

  23. You know what Blizzard. You can screw with our series but I don’t need to buy your BS excuse for the next Diablo game. I would have expected something mature from you, but it seems you like playing pattycake with 14 year old girls too much and cater to their bullshit.

    Goto hell. Maybe after your done you will know what Diablo is supposed to look like.

    I think I found the true successor to Diablo, called Dante’s Inferno. Maybe you should look at their game screenshots and consider how stupid your game looks right now. They actually have something that looks both scary and believable. I don’t need your “fantasy” approach bullshit you have been feeding us.

    Anybody who is fed up with the Blizzard teams approach to the Gothic Legend tha Diablo 1 and 2 were should check this game out:

    I’m not a big fan of EA games but godamn does this game look better than Diablo 3 right now.

    Dante’s Inferno: The REAL Diablo 3

    Goto Hell Blizzard… goto Hell

  24. nice comment thank you:)
    yeah dante’s interesting, some trailers are good.
    yeah you’re so right, diablo is about fighting demons, real hardcore scary ones not wow-like ones.
    watching dante’s trailers made me feel like playing D1 again.
    i guess we old gamers are bound to get caught in a nostalgia loophole, playing 80’s arcade games in our basements while the new generations get fed to death with fluffy bunnies.
    But when your all-time high point of gaming is a MMO that has since been dumbed down, there is no way back to what it was like.
    Screw the game companies that robbed us of our childhood! lol

  25. OMG i’ve watched a few official diablo 3 videos… diablo isnt – going to – suck, it sucks so much already it is painful.
    1/ It isnt diablo, it is WoW with a grain of diablo-like aesthetics.
    2/ 3D isometric view? Excuse me???? LOL now this really sucks. We’re not in 2000 still dudes.
    These videos aren’t only disgusting for a diablo fan, they are pathetically ridiculous. They’ve invested how much time and money into that crap?

  26. lol @ pooh bear

  27. (june 2011) this comment was gobbled up by my phone when I attempted to edit it ;-((
    basically I was having a lightbulb moment about the WoW devs being stuck at the oral stage while the Diablo devs have the psychology of angsty teens : death is linked to sexuality so there can be no death in WoW nor sickly environments because the WoWmakers are big babies satisfied by the working of their mouths, eating the world out and being payed billions for it.

    diablo is an occult satanist game and that worldview stems from the negative aspects of sexuality : these extreme negative aspects are commonly toyed with by teens in some of their media of choice.
    the wowmakers can’t go there just like they cant build up hard games : everything has to be easy and easily rewarding, just like baby sucking his moms’ tits on demand.

  28. You know what I’m dreaming about when re-reading this old thread?
    Same thing I had dreamed about when first getting interested in D3.
    I want to see a picture of Jay Wilson impaled upside down inside a Diablo 1 dungeon photoshopped screenshot.
    I think it is fitting and deserving and could serve as a rallying symbol for the fight of the old diablo fans against the fluffy bunny devils running blizzard today.
    He could be dressed like pooh bear? Baby-like, sick obese baby like.
    Or we could take another dude, I don’t care about Jay personally. I just don’t like hearing that the light radius in diablo was in just one or two areas.

  29. im upset about lots of things in diablo 3 too..

    but what do you have to say about all the people who hate diablo2 and only play diablo1??

    • nothing
      indeed D1 has qualities that D2 never followed through.
      i’m kind of envious of them in a way, they stuck to the real deal while i went for the easy bang.
      but anyway D2 is a great game. People can prefer D1, they’re fine by me.
      now the idiots who claim D1 sucks and D2 is great, I’d have things to tell about them.
      i’d love to play D3. I hope the gameplay will keep me playing but I wont bet on it. It’s the abuse of the diablo franchise and intellectual property by the wow-makers that irks me.
      they shouldnt be allowed to call their game diablo.
      the designers of d1 and d2 are not involved, period. I dont care about who owns the publishing rights, it means nothing and is utterly disgusting when abused in this way.
      that’s what I’m aiming at, an outcry of the gamers community.
      we’re not all headless 12 years olds.

  30. I think I came in my pants

    haalp pliz

  31. 3 words “Path of Exile” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1AMS8EPXEY

    • looks like a subpar company is making an uninnovative diablo clone which might yet turn out being better and funnier than blizzard’s :)

  32. I am going to pass on D3 it already sucks major ass . I wont touch WOW and I wont touch this crapola noobish garbage either . I am so saddened by this RUBBISH they call diablo 3 it isnt even in the same world as the franchise even if they think they can just slap a name on it call it diablo , They cannot. Diablo has a look and a feel and it’s own charactor , This garabge is a WoW crapped out clone not diablo .
    I honestly didnt think blizzard would allow such shit from any of their teams , I was so wrong wasnt I .

    • you’re so right on i’m grinning up to my ears
      thank you for refreshing my outlook on the thang
      how can everyone not see this and shout about it?
      i guess it takes being a diablo player and there aren’t that many ones around nowadays, at least compared to wow ones
      THANK YOU i love your post

      now if anyone needs some concrete criticism to diablo 3, think about their choice of isometric view. I believe i have already adressed this point on this page. Anyway, D3 has to be FPS-like or at least something much more immersive than isometric – which was good 10 years ago but is just an exercise in classicism today.

  33. someone here played torchlight? torchlight had the diablo spirit… but theres no more light radius thingyyy, so what… the thing is that torchlight is somehow kiddie and what ever

    • i haven’t played torchlight but i have already heard that it is similar to diablo
      indeed you gotta look to other companies than blizzard in order to try and find some surviving of the spirit of the diablo games
      let’s dig around that grave

  34. “if you want to melee as a wizard you can.”

    “there is not going to be a attribute point or a skill point distribution system.”

    well…looks like we will be getting nothing but a dumbed down point and click game, if I wanted that I’ll go play runescape. *sadly it won’t even be as good as that*

    well not many classics left to ruin so I guess blizzard will have to go back to making world of warcraft expansions like they should(can’t fuck up a already fucked up game).

    I have torchlight, it’s descent…but not really like diablo.

    you basically just go into >A< cave,get loot,return to town sell and repeat. the quest consist of kill x creature which is usually just a normal creature that's bigger and has more health*no damage change really* it still has all the points systems *mirror of diablo's basically*, but it lacks in everything else. got to cave level 31-32 and couldn't stand it anymore.

    • “We’re exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles and are currently looking to fill a few senior console-related positions on the Diablo III team. As we’ve said in the past, with proper care the gameplay could suit the console platform, and we’re interested in seeing what talent out there might be interested in such a project. If you’re passionate about all things Diablo and have the requisite skill and experience, then head over to our jobs site to check out the positions and apply.”

      well that explains it all really, blizzard is just looking for a cash grab on this title…..if they release a game as complex as diablo 1 on consoles no one will buy it, so they dumb it down pretty up the graphics and port the garbage over to its long time pc customers with a smile and a middle finger.

      this seems to be the new trend in the game developing world(mostly by the soulless corporate ones).
      Step 1:find classic game that’s well know
      Step 2:Make a fake game that looks similar to the old one
      Step 3:market it as the old but better
      Step 4:$$$$$$$$$

      • Step 5: Advertise your piece of shit as if it was the real thing, the fantastic classic, the video game masterwork. Call the classic game you’ve just pirated “a promising but not fulfilled attempt”, as if millions of dollars were the measuring stick of quality games.
        That’s what BETHESDA does and writes about FALLOUT.
        As if Fallout hadnt been really successful (because it earned less money than who knows what), as if having a commercial success trumped totally any other kind of recognition.
        of course fallout is an immortal classic whereas fallout 3 is just a commercial game that took advantage of the creativity of the authors of the original fallout games.
        but the fuckheads seem to be inherently unable to fathom the difference between ART and INCOME.
        I guess a few years or decades will teach them…
        big retards with guns and gold seem to be ruling the world these days.
        marketing your products to a semi conscious crowd surely helps gaining financial success
        the video games customer base changed and we older gamers can only bite our lips and bide our time

        TIME will kill these cockroaches and leave the classics even shinier.
        that’s what D3 did to D2 : D2 is now perfect because we know that it won’t ever be improved upon. D1 is perfect as well because D2 never came up with as much fear and atmosphere as D1 did.

        once a upon a time, game designers made games FOR GAMERS.
        and they ruled.

  35. Diablo 2 will be a immortal classic I will admit… When they feel like ironing out the few bugs a character imbalances. (unless you could mod)

  36. All of you are morons! The Light radius happend in Diablo when u were in dungeon…..Hmmm Alot of Diablo 2 was in outside areas! You guys are brain dead hypocrtic fags

    • 1. in d1, you never hunted elsewhere than in a dungeon.
      2. in d2 where you hunted about half the time outdoors, there were light radii (radiuses) outdoors sometimes : in Act 2 especially, thanks to a quest suddenly turning the desert dark.

  37. i just gave a look at the latest news and videos on http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/

    the devs seem to be having fun adding a gazillion features to their game but i wonder if they’re ready for the iteration phase, the one when many features have to be scrapped because they dont suit gameplay nor balance.

    also, the timeline : if they’ve needed 4? years to build up their classes and NPCs and skills etc, how many years would they need to balance all that ?

    blizzard (diabloblizzard, not wowblizzard) used to be remarkable because they didn’t release games until they were so thoroughly tested and ironed out that they could offer unlimited replayability.

    how are they planning on doing that with their boxful of features, many of which have to combine with each others?
    My guess is they’re not planning, or way too poorly planning an ironing out phase.

    “oh look at that Jay, it’s so much fun to add runes and followers and skills and shit.”
    “wow yes, let’s add that one too ! we’re the kings of the world, we have virtually unlimited budget and dev time, what fun it is !”

    except that the more features they add, the harder the balancing phase will be… and it is the most likely to be botched, although arguably the most critical phase for the good craftsmanship of a game.

    in that sense they’re as lame as bill roper (hellgate london’s lead), they master some parts of game building but not other critical ones.

  38. I remember playing D1-2 as a kid, seeing the intros, and being utterly frightened shitless by the sight of ONE demon. ONE DEMON, the mystery and the thought that they would jump out of the shadows any minute to get you.

    Forward to today, what do I see? Some chick with WoW-type high heeled armor, killing mobs and mobs of demons with a crossbow that shoots like a freakin pistol.

    If anything, the most important thing about Diablo to me, was the power the demons possessed, now they just seem like mindless rats.

    Diablo died with Diablo 3, but it lives on eternally through Diablo 2

  39. blizz fell off the wagon ever since WC3 wtih its implementation of disney style animation. Also, the guy who’s spearheading the d3 compaign admts in an interview he’s never made (and probably played) a game like D2 in his life.

  40. i can has cheesburger

  41. Lots of great comments on this page. It seems as if the entertainment industry in general is having trouble coming up with new ideas. From Hollywood remakes and reboots to endless sequels in the gaming industry, there’s just nothing new. Diablo2 was a masterpiece, true. I think a lot of that feeling though was because it was a fairly new concept at the time. It took what people loved about Diablo 1 and just expanded on it. Diablo 3 isn’t expanding on anything, it’s just remaking Diablo 2 with modern graphics and less style.

    As a kid I grew up with games for the 286, 386, and 486 like Math Blaster, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, old LucasArts games, etc. When Blizzard came along everyone was blown away by their detail in games and they really took things to the next level. Now 10 years later, they seem to be out of ideas, and are just trying to cash in on their previous genius.

    Most of the original staff of Diablo 2 have left Blizzard, and now Blizzard is owned by Activision who we all know ruin games. That plays a big part in this failure I’m sure. The worst part of this for me is the green and purple hues in the dungeons. They look just like WoW dungeons. They’re not scary, are too stylized, and the whole thing just doesn’t work. I’ll be sticking to Diablo 2 and the Thief series games probably for awhile.

    • High Five:)
      I finally can play D2 again (been months without a pc, then had issues with running it on windows 7 64 bits)
      The D3 shitters (can’t call them makers nor devs) are turning me into a player of old school games.

  42. I’m new to this franchise alltogether and I’m just starting to play through D1 and D2 just now. So i can’t say that I know anything but I see what everyone’s getting on about. First time I looked at the Diablo 3 gameplay I immediately saw the similarity to World of Warcraft(I hate that game by the way, as you say “to easy”). It looks (exactly) like WoW, they just panned the camera up a bit.

    I’m 16 years old and I have no idea how i got into the Old Hardcore gaming style. Earlier today I played some Fallout (the first one) and I haven’t played a better game in a long time. Sure I like titles like The Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex, Battlefield, but these “older” games… There isn’t anything quite like it. The depth is just amazing.

    I agree with everyone here that D3 looks like shit. And with that said:

    F”#K OFF BLIZZARD, KEEP DOING SHIT FOR WOW CAUSE THATS ALL YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING. (And Starcraft, of course, but that ain’t a bad game)

  43. you people saying diablo3 looks shitty and making wow comparisons apparently aren’t very smart. its not gonna be like wow. it doesnt look like it’s gonna be like wow. cant tell the difference between an mmorpg and a arpg i guess. d2 was great for its time but the systems are just bad.

    • 1/ We know D3 is an action rpg and WoW a mmorpg… We know what an ARPG is : I played D1 in LAN parties when it came out.
      2/ D3 is gonna be like WoW in its design philosophy : not only in its art but also in its game mechanics (dumbed down simplicity, shallowness, weak replayability) and realization (very neat and polished but soulless and depthless).
      3/ D2 is still great, all the more so because nobody seems to be making such good games anymore.

      I’m playing D2 again this year and I commend Fred, 16 y o gamer, on playing Fallout 1. I must admit I dont have the gist to play it anymore although I can still perceive its depth.
      These games created alive worlds with a fraction of today’s technical possibilities.

      That’s what’s to lament about the gaming industry : the more technical resources it has, the less its games are involving because the marketing/economical/financial side grows alongways and devours all creativity.

      My top gaming experiences go back to the 80’s (the Faery Tale Adventure) and the early 2000’s : Everquest. Also, Diablo LAN parties. If you have no idea how good old school games were, read what Fred wrote 5 hours before you.

  44. compare this:

    to this:

    nuff said, diablo 3 already sucks

  45. What is relevant is that Gears of war three begins in a little more than week

  46. The problem with Diablo 3 is it draws too much style from World of Warcraft. It’s more like WoW 2.0 instead of an pure Diablo 3 seqeul. Very good blog on DIablo 3. I used to play Diablo 1 as an legit bounty hunter (No cheats, all skill take downs) and eased up in Diablo 2. When Diablo 3 does get released finally it will be like Starcraft 2, living in the shadows of Diablo 3. It just means Diablo 2 will be legendary. My final post is that Diablo 3 lovers are current WoW Subscribers and never really experience the fun that Diablo 1 and 2 back in the day.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      Some trolls claim to know d1&2 well and that they think d3 will be good. They’re just trolls:)

  47. You are so very right, the exclusion of light radius is very significant and any self respecting Diablo fan that can overlook that fact is imo, not a true Diablo fan.

  48. You guys are so wrong. there IS Diablo 2 team working on Diablo 3. And by the way, even the old developpers thinks Diablo 3 has been well made. And what are you guys talking about? As you may be awared of, this ain’t 2002 anymore. Graphics are into a new generation. Would you guys prefer to come back into 2D 16-Bit? No. Blizzard would not do that. Just like you guys complaining about Diablo 3 outdoors flowers etc. DUDES people complained on the same concerning Diablo II Environment compared to Diablo I Dark feel. Diablo II stil hit the top sales chart. You guys are not Games Developpers for a reason. Blizzard never failed any of their games and will not so soon. If you are not happy about Dark feeling and whatever it is, then go into Option and turn Brightness down. Stop complaining and wait to see the whole game, this is my advice, as a Hardcore Gamer. I’ve played Diablo since the first day the first one ever went on sale. Let them be developpers and let yourself being a fan. The more time you create a game, the best it turns out to be. This is why Blizzard is in the top 3 Best game’s Developping Company. Now be patient and wait.

    • > so wrong
      prove it

      >d2 team working on d3
      who ?
      what was their job as d2 devs ?

      > old devs support
      some published supporting statements != “the old d2 devs support d3”

      > graphics
      guess what, blizzard is fucking up on this one by sticking to isometric view. It’s classicism and laziness. D3 should be FPS-like IMO, like Hellgate was. But I already wrote this in this comments sections which apparently you haven’t read, as shown by this and further statements of yours.
      Also, your argument is a strawman fallacy : nobody that I recall has appealed for sticking to outdated graphics.

      >atmosphere, flowers
      So what if people complained about d2 not being as dark as d1? They were right. Again, already addressed in the comments. The fear level in d1 is unmatched.

      >still hit top sales
      Are you retarded ? Look it’s boring to repeat everything that I already wrote in these comments. Sales do not equal quality. Shit sells well, to morons. Now, long lasting success… this can only be achieved through quality. But even that kind of success doesnt necessarily translate in a juicy figure to give suits a hard-on. Again, old beaten horse in this section.

      > not Game Developers
      No, we are Old School Gamers.

      >Blizzard never failed.
      Oh so you’re a WoW fan:) *chuckles*

      >turn brightness down, stop complaining.
      What about you stop whining about our criticism and forget about our ranting. We’re not “Game Developers”, why would you care ?
      Ignorance is bliss remember, as a Blizzard fan I’m sure you understand.

      > The more time you create a game, the best it turns out to be.
      Yeah you really fit with that motto : ignorance is bliss. Sorry to have disturbed your delusion for a few fleeting moments. Get back to sleep.

      > This is why Blizzard is in the top 3 Best game’s Developping Company.
      Most profitable != best.
      Again, one of the core points made through this comments section.

      > Now be patient and wait.
      If we had that mindset, we wouldnt rant like we do. It’s because we had to come to terms with giving up on expecting a real d3 that we had to rant about it.
      I’m not waiting for a pile of wow-shit.
      But I already said this so many times ITT. Learn to read please.

  49. Have to agree! After looking through some let’ plays of D3 i wonder what the point is in playing this game:

    Too bright and colorful, ugly enemies, shitty mechanics, zero character customization (seriously!?) and dirtcheap easy.

    What would be the point in playing this time-waster!?

  50. yes i em d2 fan a i will naver stop playing it fuck d3 im going to have to say d2 d2 d2 d2 all the way

  51. thay need to make a exp to the exp thats out and add more chers to it and new lvl and i have played d1 and 2d seens i was 11 and im 22 now and i still play it and im about to have a baby and he going to play it o and i played wow and i will naver play that crap i wood not wast 1 more min on that game mists of pandora what the fuck is that shit ??????????????????????????

  52. Man I will long remember the joy of seeing my young daughter playing d2. She was way too young for such a game at the time (roughly 6 years old) but hey… it didn’t seem to bother her too much.

  53. im very dissapointed with d3 after a very long time waitin, and they let us down with the money grubbin system like real money auction house ingame, no addon or mod in singleplay, and the worst is you must have an internet connection just to play a single player game WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oh and the disney land environment on diablo game is just stupidddddd, remember when in d2 rogue monastery catacomb, there is a lot of blood and torture death body lying around with scary demon and dark environment that should be waht diablo feel like.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suEGopUOHvU see this vid to enlighten you guys that still have hope for d3

    • Also, no LAN.
      As I said, they shouldn’t have the right to call their game Diablo. This intellectual property should belong to the developers, not to the company or whoever bought it.

  54. There are many flaws with the game as is, from what I experienced playing the beta. I know the beta is not the entire game, but from what is not different between the beta and the final product was overall rather disappointing, shocking, then even anger flooded my emotions. I was so hopeful this game would be good because life has been rather boring lately, but on all accounts is was at best disappointing. I am not talking about any specifics here, I know they can still do some tweaking, I am talking about broad overtones, game play fundamentals, audio, visual, interactiveness, creativity, competitiveness etc.

    At the start I notice the graphics remind me of Wow, Shrek, anything that’s “cartoony.” I can submit that this might be preference, however, in the series Diablo, the main theme was scary sudden graphic horror and freaky realism. You can’t get any of those tones from a cartoon feel. The colisions were pretty well timed, even when a monster was in mid attack, however, whichever monster you are currently targeting lights up with a bright red border, so bright it looks unreal, and makes you suddenly feel like you arnt there. Also, each magical attack is also very bright, colorful, unreal looking, and even the barbarian’s attack is magical….. The way the game was designed you have to switch back and forth between several spells, all looking rather rediculous and unreal. I wanted to play the barbarian just as a melee weapons barb, but I couldnt seem to asign the mouse button to just attack, he would only use his weapon once he ran out of mana, and the first spell doesnt even take mana, it produces it, so it never runs out, so u always dont use the sword…..its kinda lame.

    Thu music seemed pretty good, the audio was actually pretty good for the AI too, sounded almost like some of the cast from Game of Thrones, but the dialogue wasn’t that good, it was mostly to the point rather than suggestive, seemed like there were 5 different ways to find out what the quest was, instead of having to piece together a few different inputs to discover the quest. Maybe Act one holds your hand alot or maybe later acts involve more option, but I doubt it…

    Game Play Fundamentals
    This is when I start to get upset. When I first heard about the Diablo 3 characters, and the gender option, I wanted to make a female barbarian, heavily upgraded in dexterity, and carried a shield and short sword. I was excited to see what possible skill tree paths might compliment that setup well. I started playing the beta. Chose the female barb. Named her Braien. I realized the barbarian already had 2 spells, weird, one that generated fury, and one that used fury. The first was a simple fist punch, so it didn’t look that cartoony, but it looked weird when she didn’t use the weapon in her hand and opt to punch instead. I guess these are magic barbarians right off the bat, kinda weird. Id rather the moves be the same skill, but less colorful attacks make them look less magical. Its a barbarian for crying out loud. Okay sorry back to game play. So I reach my first level. I click on the learn skill button. I click on the thing that says new skill, and it shows me 1 option. Then I see that there are no options at all, only a progression based on levels, so there are no skill sets, no strategies to choosing paths, no mental interaction at all. Just clicking the new skill, all of which the process is guided by buttons that light up. Then you continue using the latest skill. Probably a new spell….for a barbarian…. Then after a minute I realized, oh, I have to select my attribute points and level up in some dexterity. oh wait…..there is no attribute points, that’s right, now, there is nothing to do when you level up except unlock predetermined skills………WOW …… now I’m fuming mad.

    I did some reading, later on in the game you unlock the ability to use runes, like the runes in diablo 2, except they change/tweak your skills. You can move them around after useing it to change a skill, so its not permenant and the skill is the same with just a sligtly different affect, and a different color.

    That’s still lame though, because that means the only way to make your character different from everyother character of the same class is with items and usually there is not much choice involved, one item is often substantially better than another.

    Thats before dealing with the Auction House, Battle.net servers, constant internet connection necessity,

    The broad overtone of the game seems to be focused around making the auction house a crucial function of the game, whereas items are the only way to be creative and change your skills/attributes, they will be much more desireable. And by having an in game real money auction house, whereas blizzard takes multiple fees from each transaction, blizzard must create an ultimatly secure platform to include real money, and therefor most of the platform and game will be build around this feature. So the broad overtone is a sense of rushed gradification, flashy colorful vegas like lighting, and soft friendly cartoonlike animation to lull some extra dollars into the auction house.

    Because there is a real money auction house, and no current plans to keep these players seperate from in game gold trading only players, competetivness will be ruined because a player can litterally buy his way to the top if he has a good income. Id rather the playing field be equal, that is the supposed reason for making the game be online the entire time, but then you expressly allow these cheaters there own place to sit at the table… ugh… and the only reason they don’t seperate these real money auction house is because they want all these young kids spending thier parents money on bullshit.

    I give Diablo3 beta a 1 out of 5 stars.


    • Wow thank you so much for such a detailed review of the beta.
      Indeed it confirms our years-old assessment (We old school gamers saw it coming).
      It’s even more appalling than we had imagined (No skills choices, wtf ??? No attributes ? lol)
      This is really miserable, nearly smartphone-app-grade poverty and lack of freedom.
      Thank you for blessing my post and comments section with your long detailed review :)

      I’m currently playing Haven and Hearth, an old school MMO like you wouldn’t believe it still exists.

  55. So true people, i just read all the comments, fucking amazing, cant believe so many people actually think the same way as I do. I mean, lets face it, we gave our lives to some extent to the old games, i remember playing d2 around 5 years, on the b.net and single player, one of the best gaming experiences of my life i swear, actually i was pretty excited for Diablo 3 (had no other expectations whatsoever since im not really into gaming so more but I do like to play some games sometimes still) as I really imagined that the market CAN produce a good new game… oh man was i wrong…

    I mean, face it, all these games today… bullshit, i gave it a try guys, i really did, but for the last 5 years i dont remember any good new game that really got me into it, i mean they are all nice and interesting on the first glimpse but from around 10+ minutes playing in you realize what the fuck am i wasting my time on this shit? and it really is shit, utterly boring nonsense that is actually only clicking to lose your time with no skill and personality implemented in these games, i think the companies really lost it, i dunno what mindset you have to be to actually sit there and only waste your time on getting more colorful items that look retarded anyway.

    Its just nonsense, to have all the difference in the armor sets, im really sickend actually writing this made me remember walking in d2 hallways, 2 in the morning, scared as fuck, monsters poping around the corner 1 mana potion im missing 3/4 of my hp, no tp, fucking magic immune creep had to hit him with my wand and shit and he drops a fucking blue cap thats like only +20 hp more then yours and your fucking amazed oooo shit yea, getting a unique was a fucking orgasm ffs, nowdays its all about wasting time and money on something that can be perceived as “deepth” only to someone who never had a truely deep experience ingame, i know i had tons, its just something about the old games that these “money consuming” pricks of developers dont appreciate. My rant really went off as im high as fuck right now but i dont give a shit this game dissapointed me so much i wanna write a fucking book about it, i know noone cares and thats fine, so do I, i don’t care about how much you love your items and shit, this game can never be good as so as you have no relation whatsoever with your intake in making a character as your only options are to kill to get level and then accept the fucking one skill that is designed for that. aka, no skill trees, no builds, no fucking 20 minutes of thinking should i put my point here or here, fuck man, waiting with 2 skill points to raise 2 skills on 1 level that was fucking genius not this shit… bah, ok my mind is so disgusted by this shit im stoping to type, ill go eat, uninstall this shit from my comp and go do some D2 shit, keep chill old skool brothers, they may THINK they know what is a good game, but we FEEL what is a good game. and thats the main difference. You don’t just need flashy glimpsy shit to feed and keep your mind entertained, you need something with depth, interlayed in the very experience of the game that you can relate to and actually make that a part of your life experience, when you are not just playing of boredom but for exploration and knowledge, fascination and awe, intrigued by every party of game mechanics, feeling it and attaching to it, becoming one with the fucking game. THATS A GAME EXPERIENCE. GAME EXPERIENCE D2 MADE FOR ME. I WAS IN THERE DUDE FOR 5 YEARS. MY LIFE WAS MY ATTRIBUTES AND MY SKILL TREE. IT WAS FUCKING PHENOMENAL AND I WOULDNT CHANGE IT EVER. This shit will never make any of you clone heads feel like it, cuz you dont feel the game, you think the game… and that’s not even closely related.

    • thank you:) i’m truly humbled to have received such a comment on my page:)
      this is what this debate needs : speech from the heart and soul.
      this is what old games had : S O U L. And heart.

  56. Well the cat is out of the bag now :

  57. Didn’t see that coming eh? I actually expected it to get great reviews due to the companies massive W.o.W following. fanboyism/brand loyalty and all, but from what I heard they’ve recently screwed up W.o.W pretty bad too. :P not to mention the horrible launch it had, I laughed in my friend’s face for two days. that’s how long it took him to actually get to play his single player game.

    here’s the biggest kicker though(from what he told me anyway). but when he finally got to play it, he was forced to play through a time trial(?)which he beat in a matter of and hour or so…so he couldn’t proceed with the story until the trial was up….I can’t remember how long he said it was, but he sounded pretty pissed off about it. I think he pretty much just said screw it and hasn’t picked the game up since.(don’t blame him, kinda pity him).

    I guess it was doomed from the start anyway right….so torchlight 2 anyone? :)

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