AIDS, Inc.

this video on google video.

“In the MACS study they have shown the only sexual act directly related
to the development of the phenomenon which is called HIV and of AIDS was
passive anal intercourse.

By 1997 Nancy Padian has proven that AIDS cannot be heterosexually
transmitted. They had couples there where one or the other was positive
and they were followed up for more than 6 years and although nearly 25%
of the couples were not using condoms, still not one of the negative
couples ever sero-converted.”

“how many australian prostitutes have been infected through sexual
intercourse? none.”*
Heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in
Northern California: Results from a ten-year study

“those that control and maintain the HIV hypothesis of AIDS are two
basic institutions : the centers for disease control (the cdc) and the
national institutes for health in bethesda, maryland. Both of these
institutions, it will probably come as a surprise for the public to
learn, are military organizations.”

“when you have military structures in the cdc and the national
institutes of health you can control the debate, you can control the
information flood. Not only that, since the national institutes of
health are the primary source of funding for all academic medical
scientific research, they can control who gets funding to do what
research. And in that fashion they can control what gets published and
more importantly, what you exclude.”

“the scientists are considered the final arbiters of what’s good for the
planet or what’s bad for the planet and they haven’t got the slightest
idea. Instead of wearing white robes they wear white lab coats, instead
of bringing you the word of God they bring you the word of the E.P.A or
whatever. And they don’t have to understand what it is that they are
making you do, in fact. And people just fall naturally into it because
there is a need in humanity for something like a religion, something
that makes you feel a part of some larger group, some thing that you
think, in spite of your wormy little life, makes you a part of something
good, something big.”

“these are kind of pathological science, not a deliberate deception but
a sort of sickness that has these great communities, these great
professionals. And to take that on board is a big challenge to your
sense of your place in the world. It’s been the biggest factor that in
the more recent years has led to this sensitivity about anything that
could challenge this HIV theory.”

~ by quintal on 26 August, 2007.

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